A study on the effects of presidential regimes from 1959 onwards

According to the treaty, Russia granted protection to the Cossacks state in Left-bank Ukraineformerly under Polish control. In fact, both the Western Allies and the Soviet Union harboured deep fears that the poverty stricken refugees and expellees would become a source of political radicalisation in post-war German society.

Nelson and Patrick Ziegenhain Singapore: Both constitutional effects appear much stron- ger in the older and better democracies.

U.S.-Cuba Relations

In weak democracies, the formal constitution might play a relatively less important role than informal practice or social norm. As shown in column lute value than the OLS estimates [column 2 ]. While in the s two-thirds of all governments were authoritarian, by the first decade of the new millennium an equally large proportion of countries may be considered democratic or, following Robert Dahl, polyarchies Dahl Against the background of the efforts of Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt to reach an accommodation with the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, public debate concentrated on German responsibility for the Holocaust and it would have been politically unacceptable to depict German expellees as victims of the Second World War.

Classifications follow criteria described in the text: First, the 'For this interpretation to make sense, however, we have to assume that the steady-state level of debt has not yet been reached, at least in the proportional countries. More attention was thus directed towards the executive, the inner ruling circle, the crony systems, the bureaucracy, and the armed forces.

But if there is an interaction between the age and form of democracy, this would not be enough. Consequently, we have included double-ended arrows between the triple faces of presidentialization in Fig.

Does it Make a Difference. Second, presidentialized chief executives and party leaders increasingly govern past their parties and, equally important, past the most important social forces which support them.

All segments of the population were subject to military levy and to special taxes. Our first- stage specification therefore includes the frac- tion of the population whose mother tongue is English engfrac or a European language eurjfrucdistance from the equator latOla dummy variable for Latin America luampopulation size lpopand a measure of ethno-linguistic fractionalization avelf.

He argued that a private-sector depression represented by the private- and foreign-sector surpluses was being "contained" by government deficit spending.

Comparative Constitutions

In addition to contingent gains of leadership power resources and autonomy due to political seasons and personal qualities, there are a number of structural changes which permanently strengthen the role of leaders and make them more independent of middle-level party elites.

No wonder, then, that the whole austerity enterprise is spiraling into disaster. Has the informal exercise of these powers altered. London and New York: Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, France, and Spain also decreased their budget deficits from to relative to GDP [30] [31] but the austerity policy of the Eurozone achieves not only the reduction of budget deficits.

For this rea- son, we also interact our constitutional indica- tors with a new dummy variable, baddem, taking a value of 1 in the democracies with a gastil score higher than 3.

Johns Hopkins University Press, 3— Accession of the Romanovs and early rule[ edit ] Election of year-old Mikhail Romanovthe first Tsar of the Romanov dynasty In Februarywith the chaos ended and the Poles expelled from Moscow, a national assemblycomposed of representatives from fifty cities and even some peasants, elected Michael Romanovthe young son of Patriarch Filaretto the throne.

Provide a crucial power resource for chief executives to dominate their governments and govern increasingly past their parties. Surprisingly, however, legislative institutions continued to be peripheral to scholarly interest.

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History of Russia

The United Nations and Domestic Jurisdiction. By M.

Soviet Union

S. RAJAN. (Calcutta: Orient Longmans, Pp. xiii, Rs. 25/.) inevitable effect on western-derived international law of the in- as President of Miami University (Ohio) to produce it.

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It is the. T H E P R E SI D E N T I A L I Z A T I O N O F P O L I T I C S COMPARATIVE POLITICS Comparative Politics is a series for students and teachers of political science that deals with contemporary issues in comparative government and politics. 60 Draft art 5 of the ILC study on the effects of armed conflict on treaties, relating to the continued operation of treaties on the basis of their subject-matter, seems to confirm that the CWC, BWC and NPT can fit into the type of treaties that are meant not to be affected by the outbreak of armed conflicts.

This has mostly to do with the fact. A guide to the constitutional structures and electoral systems of east, south and southeast fill this void by providing a description of the constitutional structures and electoral systems of 17 Asian-Pacific countries since Asia is home to an amazing variety of regimes and institutions.

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A study on the effects of presidential regimes from 1959 onwards
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