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In this lesson, the Paul Bunyan tale is used. Tall tales are stories of the American pioneers in the s. One of the common tools of deception is for the narrator to place the tale in a setting unfamiliar to the audience a different location or time. Read the first six pages of Thunder Rose aloud.

Picture the story in your mind. Day 3 Step 1: Ask them to recall how they know whether a story is considered a tall tale, and record their responses on chart paper.

Rural Legend: The Old Bullwagons- Tall Trucker Tale

What is a tall tale. Continue reading the text, stopping every so often to check for understanding of the story and vocabulary, and to gather and record evidence that supports Thunder Rose being a tall tale.

Just start with an everyday story, and let your imagination run wild. Ask them to recall how they know whether a story is considered a tall tale, and record their responses on chart paper. Create a Thunder Rose section for the word wall, and record and examine vocabulary from the story.

They rewrite so the story can grow slowly into itself. Outline the plot for your story. Folktales often explain a phenomenon in the world, or tell a lesson about human nature. She should also have a particular job or mission to accomplish. What is a tall tale. To be or not to be a tall tale 1. Identify common elements of tall tales Read for literacy experience Write to express personal ideas to an audience Present their writing to the class Materials Copies of American Tall Tales, by Mary Pope Osborne Paper and pens or pencils During Instruction Students will explore the elements of American folktales, especially tall tales, learning how they are passed on from generation to generation, how they use exaggeration, and how they convey a message or make a point.

Use previewing or picture walk as an opportunity to also discuss words or terms that might be new for students. Use this Tall Tale Wheel printable to help you record all you see as you read the tales. Click on the picture to get the printable tall tale wheel. After you’ve read some, take a look at what it takes to write.

When we arrived at the weigh station, he waved me into the inspection area. I was surprised to see him with a creeper in his hand.

I smiled at the thought of him sliding under my trailer full of cows. This lesson, intended for the end of a unit on tall tales, uses the book Thunder Rose by Jerdine Nolen to reinforce the common elements, or text structure, of tall tales.

As the text is read aloud, students examine the elements of the book that are characteristic of tall tales. Learn tips on writing and revising your folktale from writers Alma Flor Ada and Rafe Martin. The authors give guidelines on writing a first draft and re-writing afterwards.

Step 3: Write Your Folktale: Previous: You will still want to rewrite the tale.

American Tall Tales

(I rewrite many times. Review the elements of a tall tale and relate each one back to the story of Thunder Rose. 3. If students need additional support or practice in identifying tall tale elements, you may allow them time to read other tall tales and use the T-chart to record other examples (see the Tall Tales Booklist for additional titles).

4. hour. I needed to understand the characteristics of tall tales so I could write them quicker. I therefore traveled 2 million miles on foot (that took a week to do) to speak with the how-to-write-a-tall-tale master.

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Lesson Plan: Learn About the Characteristics of a Tall Tale and Write Your Own